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the begginig

Early I started to want to leave Portugal... be able to live in another country by myself and to develop in different areas, something that I could not do in my country. Of course you can become a person very open-minded without travelling, but I believe it's definitely not the same... I wanted to live something new, get my own independence and take advantage now (I read somewhere that the last faze of adolescence is the time when people open their mind, get more strong emotionally and they truly define their values and their personality. To be honest EVS was not my first choice, I wanted to be a student in UNITED WORLD COLLEGES, I tried to get in, I almost got it but the place that I could go was too expensive so was not possible... After that new I was totally depressed. When I started to think that my last year of secondary school was finishing and that I would go to university (not to study medicine because with my grade is impossible to study in Portugal) I decided to try again to do a year off to be 100% sure of what I wanted and to know if I would be able to live by my own. I already knew this program, called EVS, because in my secondary school we had some volunteers so I thought... ok, why not, at least I'll try! So I talked with my parents and I got an organisation to help me (it's obligatory to have one sending organisation) and after I started applying to UK and Ireland. Was really near the deadline (1st of June) to start in September, the best time for me... So almost all of the places were already taken but I was lucky and in 31st of May I got a positive answer from a project in Ireland. Everything was fine, I would start in September and I would work with disable people. Finally, two weeks before my departure to Ireland I received a call from my sending organisation saying that my project was not approved because the national agency didn't have money to support it. So, again, I felt totally lost! But, as I really wanted to do this I didn't give up and I started to send applications to everywhere asking for a place to start in September, if possible. Finally I received a positive answer from Lithuania, a girl from germany quit this project so they had the money and the place for me... And you know the best??? It's also with disable people!!!! I was really lucky, after so many no's I finally got it!

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